Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Live 2 Tell Info

More info on 2pac's new movie "Live 2 Tell"
This new movie is written by 2pac when he was in jail, and so far the only uncounfirmed actor is David Banner It will be directed by Jeff Bowler. It should hit the big screen in 2006

A charismatic young man at the dawn of adulthood spirals down the wrong path in life and is brought into the underworld by his once trusted mentor, only to become one of the most powerful and feared kingpins in the city. Eventually his conscience gets the better of him and he is driven to self redemption in life... and love.

It is suspected to come out with a soundtrack also.

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Anonymous said...

I am one of the best candidates to play the part of my cousin and people have told me I like look like Him, but I say my father.
Besides, my background profile allows me to identify with the person. you can reach me in SF or online @ myspace or google doing thangz
"If you let me live you'll get paid"